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The private security service - King Security Inc. came into its existence on base of the partnership contract § 105 and next Oz (business law) on November 5th., 2004 and its activity regulates by law # 379/97 Z.z. (law collection) about private security service, their version of lex posterior rules and its complete operation in Slovakia.

According to licence # PS 001188 is the security service - King Security Inc., Ilava licenced for these operations:
1. safety of possession at public, full build-up places of city or on public related places,
2. safety of posession at remain public places,
3. safety of possession at other then public place,
4. safety of estate during transfer,
5. transport safety of estate and person,
6. safety of person,
7. convention events safety, especialy public meetings, ceremonies, sports or cultural events,
8. operation with safety or alarm system, made it for security or for trespass report into secured object, place or person,
9. safety plan work up
10. counselings about operations related to point 1 to 9
11. professional preparation for this work related to point 1 to 10

About us
About us