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Employees selection:
The selection of employees is the most important aspect. This has been done for clents better service.
The search is oriented at young people (over 21). The weight of it is given on the common requests as (at least high school, basic army service, driver licence, gun licence), uprightness, good health condition, mental ability, physical trim, interest of further education.
Each of employee must fulfil these conditions of security service according to law # 379/1997 Z.z. about private security services from version of lex posterior rules.

Training and educational program:
The security service - King Security Inc. realizes its own complete training and educational program for their employees in these stages:
- law,
- psychology,
- physical preparation,
- self defence,
- schooting preparation,
- tactic preparation (extreme situation and intervention solving),
- special trim

Trims are performed and teached by the specialized instructors, graduated at specialized foreign schools with long experience. Our firm provides the complete security service of objects, clients possessions and safety servis.
The goal of our firm is to enlarged already given service, in sequence of spreading clients needs. Our trend is to fulfil the most chalenging clients request.