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Physical guarding of objects
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Physical guarding of objects
Physical guarding of objects

I. Security guard (Physical guarding of objects and possessions):
The physical guarding is a traditional form of safety of customer object. Its providement is 24 hous a day or according to customer damand, in the day time or night time only by the patrol of King Security Inc., with or without the service dog.

The security guard is equipped with portable radio- transmitter or mobile phone, anctions and during night shift with flash-light. The guard controls the risky places in object, where are possibilities of suspected persons apearance. Also controls the observation of fire rules (e.g. no smoking in restricted areas). Does fire prevention of all secured places.

The patrol is especially oriented at control of fance, locks of manufactures, storehouse and other objects as well as customer technology. At the gate in working hours security guard performes the control of service cars. Comings and leavings, according to customer internal rules or in accordance with arranged shifts (includs it into internal rules of secured object). On customer request, the security guard is able to perform the informatical and operatical service.

Technic service - other technical remedy (realization is possible by subcotractors way)
The object is possible to secure by cameras all over the secured place, with or without taping it on video tapes. The price with taping: - per number of cameras and per hour of monitored object.