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Personal body-guarding
Personal body-guarding

The physical safety is performed by human factor - by workforce of security service for client or certain person, if there is the request for cuting-down of interference into personal integrity, life or health of secured person. By real means to get on maximum accessibble measure of safety. The main goal of person safety is to offer to client or to by client assigned person, the complete safety system.

- analyse clients situation, risk definition,
- forme integrated safety system for client and then carry on after receiving clients recommendation (where could be some requested changes in clients time table),
- selection and allocation of body guard for client,
- support team build up,
- systematic reduction of existing risk around client on bearable level.

- body guard
- support team (group of security guards non stop avalaible to body guard)

Use of support team is for the unexpected situation, where is neediness for higher quality of client safety (e.g. attack of group of strangers, endangered possession in big range...). Another use of it is to strengthen and increase the action ability of the main security guard and therefore the clients and possessions safety as well. The support team is motorized, equipped with security tools and could be in touch with body guard by mobile phone or to be called by radio contact.

- at work place only( including comings and goings ) and at out of work place while working,
- at living area only, on certain occasions or activities,
- non stop,
    * safety project work out
    * counselling
    * performance of special preparation